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Making Memories





Can you name a famous or significant person for each letter of the alphabet?




A = Abraham Lincoln

B = Benjamin Zephaniah

C = Chris Hoy



Read up all about Neil Armstrong and then take the quiz on the google form below to see what you've learnt!



Use the words FAMOUS PEOPLE to write an acrostic poem. (Like the poem you did last week about rainforests)


For example:


Fans cheer their favourite stars.

And follow their many tweets and posts.

Most are idolised

Others are despised

Usain Bolt is my favourite athlete

Speed was his talent yet he provided us with more

People watched, cheered and laughed as he;

Entertained the crowds

Others would just run but not Usain

Pupils at school would do the lightning bolt

Laugh at his lasted starting line stunt

Everyone has a favourite, who is yours?


Use all four operations to make the given numbers in each of these games. The second game is harder! (First link works on tablet and laptop, the second one only works on a laptop)





Religious Role Models


Spend today finding out about significant religious figures. For example Jesus or Guru Nanak. Or someone else who is important to your family.


What can you find out about these people?

What is similar or different about them?


You could:

 - create a table of similarities and difference

 - make a religious role model booklet


Use the website below to find out about the different role models.