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The video about how the cacao tree grows is fab! You'll enjoy it (I did - interesting to know where chocolate comes from). 

I hope you find a delicious chocolate recipe. I'd love to see the results in the school Twitter site!

Happy making and eating!


I have attached a sheet below to help with this and started each section off for you.


'Caterpillar Shoes' is a super video. Once you have watched it, write an acrostic poem about one of the animals in the story. I've done an example for you below about a tree frog to show you how to set it out.


The Tree Frog.

Tree climbing

Rather beautiful

Eats insects

Eyes can be red


Forest dweller

Rubbery skin

Only small

Giant jumps


I'm sure yours will be even better than mine!



Sharing toys is a lovely activity. why not make it even more fun by sharing sweets equally? Remember, everyone has to have exactly the same amount or it is not fair!


Big Garden Tidy Up

Get your welly boots out and get that garden tidy! Hopefully it's not too big a job!!