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Making Memories



Last day of maths work!


How many areas of maths can you think of e.g. addition, area? Write down as many as you can in a colourful mindmap and include a real life example. These examples can be drawn, printed, cut out of papers or magazines. Real life examples could be pizza or chocolate for fractions, building a brick wall for area/perimeter. Have fun! 



Writing task:

Write a persuasive letter/job application to NASA asking to be the next astronaut to go into space. Remember to include the skills they have that would make you the best candidate.


Click on the image below to find out the skills needed to be an astronaut:



Research information on past space expeditions by clicking the image below. Which expedition was the most impressive? Why?




Proofread your writing from the today and use a dictionary to check the spelling of any words that you found challenging.


Research the different components of a spacecraft and use your understanding of this to design your own spacecraft. Think carefully about what it needs to include in order for astronauts to survive in space. Make a small scale model using resources from around the home.


Download the resource below for inspiration on how you could make your spacecraft.