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Making Memories




For today there are two options of what to do:

  1. If you really enjoyed the angles lessons and wanted to try something deeper, try the calculate unknown angles in quadrilaterals. Click on the picture below and then scroll down to 'Calculate unknown angles in quadrilaterals.
  2. If you fancy a change, have a look at shapes - nets. Click on the picture below and scroll down to lesson 2.

Task 1: 


Task 2:


Now, you can complete a google quiz by clicking below or name and match the net using the picture below. Good luck!





Writing task:

Listen to 'Toccata and Fugue in D Minor' by clicking on the image below.

Think about what the setting might be and describe the atmosphere. Create two characters and think about what could be happening to them when this music is playing. Write a short playscript/ piece of dialogue between the characters that would go with this music.


Create a musical glossary for the following vocabulary: dynamics, structure, timbre, texture & tempo.


Use the online dictionary if you are struggling:


Click on the image below and choose a book to listen to. Once you have finished, write a review using the document below





Using the song you created for your writing task this week, create a brand new music video to go with it. Storyboard your ideas and think about whether you need any props and create a dance routine to feature in the video.