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Making Memories





Can you create your own Book Bingo? See below for inspiration.Can you complete the game over the next week?



Using the word bank from Monday and the planets from Wednesday, can you create your very own space-themed word search. A family member could complete it. There is a blank one below for you to print and use.


Create an information poster about Neill Armstrong. Use labels and captions. What diagrams could you include? Use the power point below and the fact file to help you.

Armstrong factfile


Have a go at these space themed maths games.


Practise your rounding. (laptop and iPad compatible)


Practise co-ordinates to prevent an alien attack.(laptop and iPad compatible)


Work on your factors and multiples. (only works on a laptop)


Carry on researching Neil Armstrong. Find out the challenges he had to overcome in his life. Can you create a biography about his life? The video below may help you.

History KS2 | Explorers: Neil Armstrong | BBC Teach

Neil Armstrong's historic voyage to the Moon is explored in this short animated film for primary pupils. This could be used as a starting point for learning ...