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Making Memories





Click on the link on the Learning project overview for the delightful story of Rubarto the Musician and the stray dog (or is Rubarto the dog's name?!). I've attached some thought bubbles below for you to write what you think the characters are thinking.


Below I've attached the resources for making the snap game.

Good luck and may the best player win!


Either of these activities is good. The 'Once in a lifetime' clip is lovely or, depending how brave you are, do an invite for a performance of your family song from yesterday! Your choice!


2D shape properties

Watch the video about properties of 2D shapes below. The properties are to do with how many sides and corners a shape has. Have a go at drawing the shapes too!

BBC Bitesize Geometry // Shapes - 2D Shapes


What can I hear?

What different sounds can you hear around the house and outside? List the different sounds. What is the noisiest? Try and record the sounds and play them to someone in your house. Can they guess what made the sound?