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Friday Challenge and game!


Using the digits 3, 7, 8, 0, 6, make as many whole numbers as you can. How can you be sure you have found all the potential numbers? After, write down 5 different digits and repeat. Did you find the same amount of potential numbers? If so, why could this be? Let us know by using this google document : -



Writing task:

Create a poster which can be used by a young child to learn about where the continents are, countries and oceans of the world. It must provide key facts and an imaginative layout/design.


You might want to use an image of a map to support you. Here is an example of someone using pictures to help a young child know a little more about a country and continent.



Pick 5 Common Exception words from the Year 5/6 spelling list. Choose 4 words that have something in common and an odd one out.



Click on the google form below and write a 100 word summary on a book you have read.


Exploring the World- Throughout history, many people have explored new places. Pick an explorer from the list or one of your choices.


  • Map out the places that the explorer visited.
  • Create a piece of art inspired by the places they visited using digital images as support. 
  • Write a diary entry from the explorer’s point of view to share what they have seen and experienced.


Explorers: Click on an explorer below to find out more!