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Lyndon Green Junior School

Making Memories





'When I coloured the world'. This is a lovely book with super illustrations. There are so many things the character in this story changed for the better. What would you change? Why? Draw an illustration to go with your change.


The first game is 'Phonics Frog' and the second is 'Suffix Factory'. Out of the two I prefer 'Suffix Factory'. Which will you prefer?

Remember, a suffix is a word ending.


This retelling of 'The Black Hat' is magical. Write some sentences to  describe the beautiful animals that come out of the hat and draw a picture of one of them.


Once you have chosen the level you want to play, click on the red number box (with the answer you think is correct inside) so that it goes white then click on 'check'.

You have 2 minutes to get as many correct as you can. Good Luck!


Speak the Language

When you have learnt to say 'Hello' in different languages, do a video and put it on the school Twitter site.

Au revoir!