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Famous People

Video about Florence Nightingale

Video about Rosa Parks

Video about an American, Harriet Tubman.

Video about Grace Darling, the lighthouse keeper's daughter.

Video about Edward Jenner

Video about Dr Barnardo

Find out how Dr Barnardo helped homeless children.

Video about Alexander Graham Bell.

This is the man who is famous for inventing the first phone.

Video about Isambard KIngdom Brunel - a famous and important engineer.


Video about Elizabeth Fry who worked to improve life for prisoners.

Video about Mary Anning - the fossil collector

More videos and activities about Mary Anning.

Use this information to help you answer the KAHOOT questions.

Now play the Kahoot.....


1. Find out about other famous Victorians: Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, John Cadbury, Robert Peel....

2. Make a timeline of inventions and their inventors.