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The Catch

A young fisherman's meager catch is stolen by a fox who leads him to the catch of a lifetime. © Copyright 2012 Josh Carroll & Scott McWhinnie You can email us at

Pause the film at 40 seconds when the child hears the noise:


 - Name three differences between where you live and where the boy lives.

 - In three sentences can you describe what the boy looks like? What adverbs can you use?

 - What do you notice about the lake?

 - Why might the boy be fishing?

 - How does he feel to have caught only one fish? Why do you think this is?

Pause the film at 1:27:


 - Describe the fox's appearance when the boy first finds him. What words would you use to describe how both the fox and the boy might be feeling in that moment?

 - What might the fox's first thought be when he sees the boy's knife?

 - How does the fox run?

 - Predict what you think will happen next.

Pause the film at 2:04 when the boy catches the fox


 - Why does the boy look back through the village before chasing the fox through the forest?

 - Who appears to be winning at this point?

At the end of the clip:


 - How does the weather appear to change as the boy climbs the rocks? Why do you think this is?

 - In what way does it change again when the fox shows him the lake?

 - How do you think the boy feels/what does he think when he sees all the fish in the new lake?

 - How/why does the fox disappear at the end?

Could you write a haiku poem about the story?

Write a conversation that the boy may have with his friends back in the village

Write the story from the fox's point of view.

Use this picture as a stimulus to carry on the story starter you've been given.


He thrust out his lead leg and energetically vaulted over the hurdle. The resistance from the water made the 110 metre hurdles tricky (much more difficult than on land!), yet the athlete was responding well to the added challenge and pressure. After all this was the first Olympic games to be held under the sea . . .




Read the story

Hoop Doctor.


Come up with 5 questions (who, what, where, when, why) you could ask about the text.