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Lyndon Green Junior School

Making Memories

Day Two

Reading Task:

Read the next Chapter of ‘Chocolate Wars!’ by clicking on the pictures.

Click on the link below to answer the questions about what you have read today.

Spelling task:

Look at the common exception words.

I have written five common exception words below, but all the letters are jumbled up. Can you work out what the words are?

  • ubsy
  • cilerc
  • wardfor
  • posepur
  • otefn


Writing task:

Today I would like you to continue practising your work on adverbs. You can watch the video made by Mr Cheshire yesterday (see day one) if you need any more help. Then have a go at these questions on a piece of paper.

Write out the sentences below and circle the adverb.

Maths task:

Topic task:

Your topic this term is ‘Blue Abyss’. You are going to be exploring a range of different concepts such as ecosystems, oceans of the world, electricity and many more interesting things.

Your task today is to watch the videos below that look at the use of a range of drawing techniques. You then need to have a go at using these techniques which can be used on a piece of plain paper or within this pack.

These skills are going to be very useful for the next day!


Pencil Drawing Techniques

Now have a go at using the techniques below. Do not worry about the ink wash technique if you do not have access to any ink.