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Lyndon Green Junior School

Making Memories

Day Ten

Reading Task:

Read the pages below and then answer the questions by clicking on the link.

Click on the link to answer the questions


Spelling task:

Here are some of the common exception words, but I have missed some letter out. Can you fill in the gaps?

bu__ __ d

an__ w __ __

__ ist__ __ __

for__ __ __ __ s


Writing task:

Watch the video one last time. Then imagine you are a newspaper reporter and you have an interview with the man in the Lighthouse. Your task is to write some questions for him and then imagine you are him and answer the questions. 


Maths task:

Watch the video about angles and then complete the google form to identify different types of angles.

Intro to Angles for Kids: Understanding Angles for Children

Angles are the space between two lines that meet at a point, or vertex. Angles are measured in degrees, often with the help of a protractor. Acute, obtuse, r...

Topic task:

Today we will be learning about the classification of living things. Specifically, we will be classifying living things based upon their diets and what they enjoy eating.

First watch the video below.

Herbivores | Carnivores | Omnivores | Types of Animals

Now you are going to sort the following living organisms into the correct categories based on their diets. Please present this within a table as neatly as possible. You will need to draw pictures for each animal. (Research the animals if you are unsure).