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Lyndon Green Junior School

Making Memories

Day Six

Reading Task:

Read the pages below and then answer the questions by clicking on the link.

Click on the link to answer the questions


Spelling task:

Choose 5 of your words and write a sentence for each word on paper or the computer. The sentence must include your word.

For example:

I the holidays I need to build a new shed in my garden.

Writing task:

Watch the video and then complete the task below. 

A Cloudy Lesson

Maths task:


Short Division Lesson

Topic task:

Today, you are going to be designing your own technological gadget! You must draw and label your gadget in detail. Before you do this, we want you to make sure that you are thinking about a gadget that is different to previous creations.

You need to consider the following before drawing and labelling your new gadget:

Why would somebody need your new gadget?

How is it different to other gadgets that already exist?