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Making Memories

Day Seven

Reading Task:

Read the pages below and then answer the questions by clicking on the link.

Click on the link to answer the questions


Spelling task:

Have a look at the story you have been reading. Can you find any of your ten spelling words in the story? Which word did you see the most?

Writing task:

Maths task:

Comparing numbers up to 100,000

Year 5

Here are your questions for today! (remember to watch the video before starting). You need to compare the following numbers using the number sentences discussed within the video.

I have modelled the first one for you.


4,641 and 6,781 

I know that 4,641 is less than 6,781.

I also know that 6,781 is greater than 4,641.

4,641 < 6,781


Now it’s your turn!



8264 and 7419

3668 and 9127

9192 and 9096

24926 and 34618

67914 and 67225


For your final task today, I would like you to order all of the numbers from the questions above from smallest to largest.

Topic task:

Over the next three days, you are going to be learning about the most common way in which we can classify animals (Classifying means sorting into groups). Watch the video about Vertebrates and then have a go at the activity that follows.

Vertebrate Animals

Now have a go at completing the following activities to extend your understanding around a selection of vertebrates.

Complete the sentences using the missing words provided. Write the sentences out neatly on lined paper or pain paper.