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Lyndon Green Junior School

Making Memories

Day One

Reading Task:

In Year Three we are learning all about chocolate! Please read the first chapter of Chocolate Wars! Click on the pictures. 

Now you have read the first chapter, I would like you to answer some questions. Click on the link below to see and answer your questions.

Spelling task:

Choose ten common exception words that you find hard to spell from the table below.

Write the words three times in three different ways. Then draw a picture to go with the word (this will help you understand what the word means). Please see the examples I have made below.


Writing task:

First watch the teaching video and then have a go at the questions below.

Maths task:

We will be starting place value today. We are going to be looking at three-digit numbers. Click in the link below to watch my teaching video. The video will help you answer the questions.

Here are your questions for Day One (remember to watch the video before starting). You need to write the value of the red digit. H=Hundreds T= Tens O= Ones. I have done the first for you.

568 = T








Your last maths challenge for today is to put the above numbers in order from the smallest amount to largest amount.  

Topic task:

Your topic this term is all about healthy eating.

Your task today is to make a food diary. You need to write a list of all the food you had yesterday and today.

Now watch this video

Now you have watched the video. You need to tick the foods on your list that you think were healthy and put a cross by the ones that you think were unhealthy.