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Lyndon Green Junior School

Making Memories

Day One

Reading Task:

Read the pages below by clicking on the picture and then answer the questions by clicking on the link below.

Click on the link to answer the questions

Write the words three times in three different ways. Then draw a picture to go with the word (this will help you understand what the word means). Please see the examples I have made below.

Writing task:

Today we will be learning about Fronted Adverbials. Your lesson is on video today so click on the link below.

Maths task:

We will be starting place value today. We are going to be looking at up to seven-digit numbers. Click in the link below to watch my teaching video. The video will help you answer the questions.

Here are your questions for Day One (remember to watch the video before starting). You need to write the value of the red digit. M= Millions HTh = Hundred- thousands Tth = Ten-thousands Th= Thousands H=Hundreds T= Tens O= Ones. I have done the first for you.

34568 = T








Your last maths challenge for today is to put the above numbers in order from the smallest amount to largest amount.  

Topic task:

Gather data on your family and friends at home. Measure and record these things: 

  • Foot size 
  • height 
  • hand span
  • arm span
  • middle digit length 
  • distance from wrist to elbow


Print off or type on the word document below to record your data. Remember you can send all of your work to or bring it into school when you return.