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Lyndon Green Junior School

Making Memories

Day Nine

Reading Task:

Read the pages below by clicking on the picture.

Imagine you are one of Toad’s friends. What advice would you give him? Write on a piece of paper or the computer. You can then send your advice to the office using their email address or bring your work into school when you return.


Spelling task:

It is time for the alphabetical challenge. Your topic at school is infects and nature. First write the alphabet on a piece of paper. Then can you think of words about your topic that start with that letter. I have done the first three for you.

A= Ant

B= Beetle

C= creatures


Writing task:

Maths task:

Click on the link below to start today's lesson on reading and interpreting data. 

Topic task:

After learning about vertebrates and invertebrates, you are now going to demonstrate your understanding of them. First of all, you need to sort the animals below into two groups. One group will contain the vertebrates and the other group will contain the invertebrates.

Now we would like you to have a go at classifying the animals in a different way. You can use any classification you like as long as it is clear and correct.

For example: I could sort the animals with legs and without legs.