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Lyndon Green Junior School

Making Memories

Day Eight

Reading Task:

Read the pages below and then answer the questions by clicking on the link.

Today I would like you to imagine that you are Hardy (the puffer fish). How do you think he feels?

On a piece of paper can you write a diary entry for Hardy. I have given you your opening line.

Dear Diary,

Today was the _________

Spelling task:

Get someone at home to test you on the words you have been spelling. How many did you get right?

Writing task:

Now you have some rhyming words can you use the words to write a paragraph describing being on a fishing boat. 

Maths task:

Topic task:

Here are some different exercises you can do to train the muscles in your body.

Using these exercises and ones you have been taught at school, come up with an exercise plan for your family to do.


Here is mine:

Jogging on the spot for 5 minutes

Plank for 2 minutes

20 crunches

20 squats

Lunches for 1 minute

5 minutes’ rest

Then repeat.