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Making Memories

Day Eight

Reading Task:

Read the pages below and then answer the questions by clicking on the link.

Click on the link to answer the questions


Spelling task:

Get someone at home to test you on the words you have been spelling. How many did you get right?

Writing task:

Maths task:

Topic task:

Over the next two days, you are going to be finding out about how living things are classified. We will be focusing on the classification of plants during the task today. You need to watch the video below and recognise how plants are classified (sorted into groups). We would then like you to go into your garden (or look out of the window if you don’t have access to a garden) and make a list of any plants that you recognise. I would then like you to write down the features of the plants that you find. You can still do this even if you don’t know the name of a particular plant. This will then help you to start classifying plants.

Key tip: Watch the video and pay attention to the way in which they sort the plants into groups. 

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