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Day 3- Tuesday 24th November

Tuesday 24th November


Good morning Year 3!  To start your day, practise your spellings for this week and keep working on your 3 x tables.  Have a good day smiley

Spelling and Handwriting Practise

Skip Counting By 3 Song | The 3 Times Tables Song For Kids

English (Tuesday and Wednesday)


Your English lesson for today is your assessment write - writing your own resolution and ending to the story of Freya and the Goblins.  This should take you at least two lessons so we will expect you to start this activity today and complete it tomorrow.  Look at the powerpoint video to remind you of the expectations and follow the link to the original story if you need to.


Still image for this video
Before you start today's PowerPoint, watch the video below on rounding numbers to the nearest 10 as it will help you with your work today. 

Rounding to the Nearest Ten

Estimating calculations to the nearest 10.

Still image for this video
Maths activity: 
Once you have completed the activities on the word document above, either take a photo or send the document to smiley

Today we will be looking at Viking Raids and the weapons that were used by the Viking soldiers in hand to hand combat. The raid we will be particularly focusing on is the raid at Lindisfarne. 

Below is a PowerPoint that I want you to read through and within that PowerPoint is a link to watch a video about the battle at Lindisfarne. 

Here is the actual video from the link in the PowerPoint about the raid at Lindisfarne. 
History activities:
The first activity involves children labelling the Viking solider with the weapons they would have used and beside each label they can write a short caption about the weapon. Secondly, after learning about the battle at Lindisfarne, children can imagine they are Viking soldiers and recount what might have happened that day. 

Once you've completed these activities, you can either take a photo and email it to us or email the actual document back. The email address is 

We look forward to seeing them. smiley