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Making Memories

Day 2- Monday 23rd November

Monday 23rd November


Start the day with a warm-up activity!  Follow the link and use the song to learn and practise your 3 x tables. smiley

3 Times Table Song - Numberjacks

How fast can you recite your 3 times table? Practice makes perfect! Remember to subscribe for more learning with Numberjacks! FUN FACT! WHAT is Numberjacks? ...



Watch the video to learn your spellings for this week.  When you have completed the activity, remember to send it to student1@lgjs smiley


Still image for this video



Today, we are estimating the answers to calculations. Watch the video first. 

Estimating the answers to calculations.

Still image for this video

Now try the questions on the word document and either take a photo or send the document to 

Maths activity



Follow the link and watch the video of how to draw a Viking.  The artist is using a Sharpie and oil pastels but you can use a black felt pen or a pencil and colour with crayons or felts.  You can use a normal piece of paper. The artist is using a cartoon style and has made one big mistake with his picture - I wonder if you can tell me what that mistake is?  Send your Viking pictures to student1@lgjs - we cant wait to see them!

How To Draw A Viking

Easy steps on how to draw a viking, just for kids! He's super easy, all you need is a marker, paper, and something to color with. We use Sharpies and Pentel ...

Reading Comprehension


Read the text about Viking Longships, then answer the questions.  You may then want to do some of your own research about Viking Longships and create your own factfile.  Remember to send your work to smiley

For those of you having trouble downloading the original versions of the reading comprehension, hopefully these versions will work!  Thank you smiley